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Heritage combi-microwave oven 60x45cm

From 21 990 SEK


This Heritage Series combi microwave has seven functions. It offers all the benefits of a multi-function electric oven and microwave oven in one. With two levels, it is big enough to cook for the whole family and features two technologies for the versatility of convection, regular or grill-heating modes. The microwave has five power levels and a boost function to significantly reduce cooking times compared to a conventional oven. Controlled with metal knobs and a TFT display, there is a soft-opening door with a metal handle for ease of use.

Special functions: Defrost by time defrost by weight
Size: 60x45 cm
Microwave type: combi-microwave
Total volume: 38 L
Oven controls: Knobs touch TFT display
Auto cooking modes: 15 preset
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