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Fuzzy Shepherd Rug - Dot - 200 x 300 cm

39 800 SEK


From shepherds of the Caucasus Mountains comes this unique long-haired hand woven rug. The wool is completely natural and washed in lavender soap before the rug is woven, no dyeing or bleaching is used. The rug is woven by hand and washed again to finally be brushed to its unique appearance.

Each rug is unique with natural variation in color.

100% Wool
200 x 300 cm
Do not vacuum clean. Air and shake to get rid of dirt and dust. Treat stains immediately using water and if necessary a bit of soap. If needed, clean in 30 degrees and and let dry. Brush with a regular hairbrush for a more fluffy appearance.
Some shedding is normal and will decrease over time.