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Home of Mogensen
Apr 12, 2022

The Home of Børge Mogensen

Located on Soløsevej in Gentofte, the house was designed by Mogensen in collaboration with architects Arne Karlsen and Erling Zeuthen Nilsen. However, rumor has it that Mogensen did most of the architecture and design on his own.

J39 Chair och 6286 Table
Library Table och Spanish Dining Chair av Børge Mogensen

The surrounding area is scenic and lush, which led to its nickname “the architects’ marsh.” It was quite a popular neighborhood in the 1960s, were known names in architecture lived practically side-by-side. Such as Jørn Utzon, Eva and Nils Koppel, Mogens Lassen, as well as Karen and Ebbe Clemmensen. It’s also where Hans J. Wegner lived, just a hundred meters from Mogensen.

Library Table och BM61 av Børge Mogensen
Library Table och BM2 Armchair av Børge Mogensen

Mogensen’s design principles played an essential role in building his own home. He believed that furniture should create a sense of tranquillity and have a modest appearance that encouraged people to live their lives unpretentiously. While he was exacting in his design approach, his idea of a home was to be informal and welcoming.

Spoke-Back Soffa av Børge Mogensen
Spanish Chair av Børge Mogensen

Boasting floor-to-ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the garden, Mogensen’s home was where he found the peace of mind to design.

J39 Chair och Mogensen 6286 Table av Børge Mogensen
Rocking Chair av Børge Mogensen

Mogensen’s house was home to some of his most iconic designs. In fact, many of his well-known pieces were constructed to fit perfectly into that particular house. The renowned 2213 sofa, designed in 1962, was the pride of his living room. Placed next to the sofa were two of his Spanish chairs, designed in 1959.

Spanish Chair och Mogensen 2213 Soffa av Børge Mogensen
Hunting Chair av Børge Mogensen

To test his designs before they were approved for production, Mogensen also created prototypes in the “laboratory”, which could be found in nearly every room in the house. When a new chair or sofa arrived, the whole family would help “test” them. The children would jump on the sofas, play around on the chairs, and the entire family would sit on the dining chairs for their meals. If the designs were strong enough to endure everyday life with his kids, Mogensen would consider them “approved”.

Library Table och J39 Chair av Børge Mogensen
Spanish Chair av Børge Mogensen
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