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Mar 05, 2024

Society - Home Dressing Passion

Society Limonta dresses up your home with passion and care, creating infinite combinations of materials and colours for the bedroom, the dining table and the bathroom. Just like in the world of fashion, the collections are updated with the change in seasons, because the home is an extension of your personality and requires a versatile style that adapts to your ideal environment.


Society Limonta is the Italian brand revolutionising household linen with contemporary design. They are part of Limonta Group, a historic textile company based in Costa Masnaga in northern Italy founded at the end of the 19th century.



The Philosophy


Society Limonta's philosophy is extremely simple: never rest on your laurels. It’s all about the journey made up of research and experimentation to find a color that has never been attempted before or an exclusive fabric or yarn to use in new ways. The desire to find ways of interpreting the material manifests through the selection of complex and refined processes such as artisanal garment dyeing, which makes every creation unique.




From the verb to weave


The path from 'theory to practice' means working with their looms. The actual creation of a textile requires the selection of the finest yarns and a thoroughgoing research into styles, material and workmanship.


The process pays attention to every last detail and the final creative step is garment dyeing. The artisanal dyeing process enables the creation of unique products in terms of nuances of colour.


Made in Limonta


In an ever changing world in which the delocalization of production processes is inevitable, Society Limonta stands out with its supply chain that is not just Made in Italy but actually 'Made in Limonta'. 

The Limonta Group was created in 1893 in Costa Masnaga, near Lecco, in one of the main Italian textile regions. During its over 100 years in business the company became one of the most prestigious Italian textile companies. Over time the Limonta Group has developed such solid expertise in the sector that it has become a benchmark for many major clothing and furnishing brands. 

This deep-rooted heritage nourishes Society Limonta's research, which is continuously enriched by skills and experience. Limonta has succeeded in the difficult yet fundamental undertaking of preserving the soul of craftsmanship in an industrial body.

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