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Aug 08, 2016

Recepies from The Kitchen

We invited Emma Kolback & Sylvain Marron, two accomplished culinary artisans that shares our appreciation for delicious and candied cuisine. Displayed on our one-of-a-kind servers we produced something both stunning and tasty.


Emma Kolback is the woman behind the very appreciated menus of Dubbel Dubbel, Folk and newcomer Bonito. With a strong sense of self she is a key figure in Gothenburgs Culinary World. A truly inspiring and creative chef.

Sylvain Marron is adored amongst sweet toothed Gothenburgers. His pâtisserie produces delicious pastries, chocolates, sourdoughs and croissants, not to mention his baguettes. All of it of course carefully made from scratch, only by using quality ingredients.

Go on, try it!

Celeriac with basil, fresh goat cheese and hazelnuts
Starter or snack for 6–8 people

1 Large celeriac
1 dl Fresh goat cheese (or cream cheese or greek yoghurt mixed with chevre)
1 dl toasted hazelnuts

40 g of basil
2 dl olive oil zest from
2 Lemons salt Honey


Peel the celeriac and cut it in two. Boil one in salted water for about one hour or until it is soft. Cut the other one in thin slices on the mandolin. Heat the oil in a pot and deep fry the celeriac slices, a few at a time. Drain on some kitchen paper. Salt lightly. Mix the basil with the olive oil, zest, salt and a tiny bit of honey with a hand mixer. Keep a few leaves for garnish. Mix for a minute so the oil is really green. Let the boiled celeriac cool. Cut it in thin slices on the mandolin. Chop the hazelnuts.

When serving: Put a hand full of chips on a plate. Continue with the boiled slices. Scatter the cheese and some basil oil in the celeriac. Top with nuts and basil leaves.

Parsnip hash brown with sour cream, ginger and toasted seaweed.
Starter or condiment for 4–6 people

1,5 kg parsnip
1 Egg

1 dl of sour cream
100 g gari ginger
Oil for deep frying
1 Nori sheet
Any kind of roe, we use caviart


Finley slice the ginger. Let it drain on paper. The longer, the better. Heat the oil and deep fry the ginger a little at a time. When the ginger is quit in the oil, it is ready. Let it drain on paper. Heat a plate on the oven and toast the sea weed directly on it. If you have gas or induction, use a frying pan and salt lightly. Heat a frying pan on medium heat and fry small patties until golden. (If they don’t keep together add an extra egg.)


Put the hash browns in the oven for 10 minutes on 160 degrees Celsius. Serve with sour cream and roe. Top with the ginger and nori.

Tarte au citron

Pâte sucrée

250 G tempered normalsalted butter
125 G powder sugar
400 G flour
1 Egg

Whisk butter and powdered sugar, mix in our and egg. Cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Roll out to approximately 2–3 mm and put in pan,

let cool for ca. 2 hours and bake at 150 C for 15–20 min.

Crème citron

Lemon juice and peel of 5 lemons
3 Large eggs
130 G sugar
1 Gelatin leaves
150 G unsalted butter

Soak the geltain, mix lemon juice and peels with the sugar and egg and cook in a bain marie upp to 85 C. Mix in the gelatin and cold butter. Let cool over night and whisk until smooth before filling shells.

Meringue italienne

3 Eggwhites(90 G)
180G sugar

Warm the eggwhite and sugar in a bain marie up to 60 C. Whish the mixture until its u y and cold. Sprits/spread on tarte and caramelize with a burner.