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Apr 04, 2016

Part of the family

About six years ago Lisa Robertz landed in Gothenburg after nearly a decade abroad. After many years working in the fashion industry she was tired of all the traveling and in need of something new. While pondering what that could be she started working at the latest addition of interior stores in town: Artilleriet.

“Working with Sofie and Christian was a great learning experience for me. They have exposed me to the world of interior. The strength in Sofies and Christians buying is that they are very including; not analytical but passionate, both as buyers and decorators. This is something that cannot be taught; you are born with that touch. With Artilleriet they share their personal world of inspiration, almost making it their mission to inspire their customers to create a homey, personal home by picking the products and objects that they truly love. “ - Lisa Robertz

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