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Mar 20, 2024

Mamma Sofa: A testament to comfort & design

The Mamma Sofa by Artilleriet Atelier, embodies the concept of the ultimate sofa. Its design, featuring historical references, is sculpted with rounded forms to be aesthetically pleasing from every angle. Mamma Sofa is generously sized and deep enough to accommodate the entire family, with its comfort carefully engineered to make it hard to resist staying seated.


Constructed by Sweden's most skilled furniture craftsmen from the inside out using materials of the highest quality, Mamma Sofa is built to last for generations. It offers a thoughtfully curated selection of upholstery options to cater to individual preferences and styles.

The name ”Mamma" pays heartfelt homage to mothers and embodies the profound connection and nurturing of families, symbolizing kindness, warmth, and love.