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Aug 25, 2022

Evelina Kroon x Layered - A Walk in the Park

Artilleriet proudly presents "A walk in the park" - a collaboration between the artist Evelina Kroon and Layered, a collection that explores the border between art and interior design. With references to traditional female craftsmanship, four rugs in 100% wool are presented that balance strict graphic expression with a color palette that dares to challenge. The result is a collection that conveys both timelessness and brave contemporary.

Cross-border and permissive is the background to Evelina Kroon's great commitment to the collaboration with Layered. The possibility of translating her art into textile works that intend to take place on floors in homes around the world, almost like utility objects, felt exciting and challenging.
















“I try to find a balance by always adding something that SCUFFS a little. From a safe color palette as a basis, I challenge myself and the recipient to add shades that defy the expected. It is in that meeting that it becomes interesting.”

Making art accessible in this way is firmly rooted in Evelina's creative vision. Educated at Konstfack with assignments for, among others, Svenskt Tenn she frequently returns to available materials, such as tape and MDF, which are transformed and presented in a new refined context. In this vision, shades that are easy to like are combined with color elements that are allowed to challenge and chafe. In this way, she balances her artistry on the border between permitted and forbidden, beautiful and distorted. In her collection "A walk in the park" similar balances are challenged when the borderland between art and interior design is explored.

“There are strong references to traditional craftsmanship, the timelessness of it. At the same time, there is some detail in each rug that makes it progressive and thus challenging and contemporary"






The rugs included in the "A walk in the park" collection are born from the impressions of a park in transformation - from beautiful blooming and rain to the changing, decaying shades of autumn. It is introduced with the hope of a collection that will claim space in our homes. This reminds us that interior design can be joyful, challenging, and beautiful. Where tradition, history, and the present are woven together in an obvious way.

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