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Feb 16, 2022

Karimoku Case Study - A Sense of Serenity

Emerged from shared design values, Karimoku Case Study is a contemporary lifestyle brand, based in Japan and born out of admiration and love for serene beauty, material richness and timeless appeal. The Case Study collections are brought to life by world-renowned architects through individual cases, and the story of each collection is told through its native setting.

With a holistic approach to architecture and design, the studio behind each collection creates a coherent style and setting, working their way from the architectural framework into the interiors and objects within the space, designing for specific needs and structures, rather than merely considering the aesthetic experience. With Karimoku Case Study we wish to introduce a thoughtful brand that serves as a guardian for the natural and timeless, using materials that possess an inherent richness and gain beauty with time and age.

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