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Feb 28, 2023

Introducing SEKT

Craftmanship and Quality


The Swedish brand SEKT was born out of a conviction and a vision – to manufacture quality products locally, sustainably and without compromise. They collaborate with small-scale manufacturers in Sweden and neighboring countries where social and material sustainability is a matter of course. Craftsmanship is their passion and quality guides every decision when they develop their products.

The product designs are based on exclusivity, durability and longevity through material choices such as solid bronze, mouth-blown glass, steel and porcelain that ages beautifully over time.

The Production


The products are carefully made by hand, where each copy gets a unique character. Traces of manufacturing becomes visible. For example, in the form of color changes in the glass, small air bubbles in the Puritan lamp shade, and imprints of casting sand in the bronze surface of the bowl Versatile.





Small Scale Manufacturers


SEKT wants you to experience the feeling they get when they see a glassblower at Orranäs mouth blow their lampshade, when a caster carefully pours glowing bronze mass into a sand mold producing the bowl Versatile at Rosengrens Konstgjuteri or when an electrician in Gnosjö threads a light pendant with his hands.


They want to bring you the scent of a box factory in Skåne where third-generation box manufacturers produce packaging for Versatile and Umbra. They want you to experience the heat when the Iron hook Umbra is hand forged at Ferrum Konstsmide in Flädie outside Malmö. 


Presence of a human hand, small imperfections, and uniqueness in each product is the heart and soul of SEKT. 


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