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Jun 17, 2022

Introducing Blasco

Blasco creates unique furniture to fall in love with, designed and produced in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1945 by the two brothers Pedro and Rafael Blasco, who started their journey in the industry working in a small upholstery workshop in a town Northwest of Madrid. Since then, Blasco has become a benchmark in the world of decoration for its upholstered furniture's beauty, simplicity, quality, and comfort. Blasco manufacture iconic pieces that last a lifetime. Some designs are inspired by concepts and proposals with many years of history, which transcend current fashion and trends, making them potentially inheritable.

The furniture is produced with the best materials, noble woods, steel, natural fibers, latex, or down, which allows for high-quality standards. With comfort in mind, Blasco has specialists who put their soul into analyzing the proportions into perfection. The result is exceptionally comfortable pieces offering a great seating experience. The removable covers are a functional finesse that offers easy-to-clean furniture and the opportunity to re-dress the sofa for seasonal changes or tastes. 

The design process is a careful and artistic journey where both comfort and beauty are considered.  All products have their own identity and stand out for their shape, timelessness, and top quality. Blasco has a team of artisan artists with skills and manual dexterity acquired over the years. During the production cycle, they transform Blasco's ideas into works of art thanks to their extraordinary mastery of the craft. When manufacturing quality and sustainable products, they last a lifetime.


With Blasco, you have the opportunity to furniture with tailor-made features for your unique needs. Most products can be adapted to your preferences for dimensions and fabrics, without changing the product's appearance, style, and design. For each piece, we offer those options that maintain the product's beauty. With various combinations of lengths and depths, the number of back cushions, types of wood, and finishes, it’s easy to find the perfect sofa
just for you.


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