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Dec 27, 2019

In Context - Gathenhielmska

If you live in Gothenburg you have probably pass by this house before without knowing whats behind the doors. As one of Gothenburgs most mysterious house it is also one of the best kept heritage building. Located at the centre of Stigbergstorget, the house is currently undergoing a transformation to open to the public in 2020 with a cultural program that combines the house's cultural heritage, art forms and the area's history. The house will be used daily for activities related to the area, collaborations and well-being. Welcome to explore some of our items curated in this context.

The history of the house dates back to the mid-18th century when the house was built in wood to mimic a stone facade. The building is namned after Lars Gathenhielm who actually never lived in the house. There has been many different activities in the house, during the 19th century the female ophthalmologist Anna Dahlström used it for her practice. Vera Tham inherited the house in 1941 after Anna Dahlström, she then started working on restoring the building to apply for cultural heritage protection the house.


Its because of Veras work that the house is in such a great shape today. After Vera death, the house was taken over by the City of Gothenburg and the house has until today been used by different business. The house also has a fantastic well kept garden. Now the winds of change are blowing and the house can soon be seen by the public and the house ghosts are excited for the future!

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