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Dec 15, 2022

Hello MANTLE - Elevated Skincare

Artilleriet proudly introduce MANTLE to our range of beauty products. MANTLE is leading the way with a new generation of products elevated by CBD. With bold confidence and perfect formulations, they have quickly become the new star of beauty and wellness. 


MANTLE was born from a critical time in founder Josefin Landgård’s life. Several startup journeys, two kids and a hectic separation had resulted in months of sleepless nights and high-level stress. Timing was serendipitous when she came across the cannabis extract CBD. Long story short, it was love at first drop. She met her co-founder Stina Lönnkvist and together they decided to found MANTLE - a Scandinavian beauty and wellness brand elevated by CBD. 


The Philosophy


MANTLE honors the beauty of personal expression and experience. With bold confidence, perfect formulations, and a message of freedom, they are giving women a brand to love and that loves them back. 

They don’t believe in changing your appearance or removing your well-earned experience (i.e. anti-age). Instead, they believe in you. Just elevated. 


MANTLE is suitable for all skintypes and all products are enriched with a broad spectrum & organically grown CBD. The products are Cruelty free and most of the products are Vegan. 


Manufactured in Sweden.





The Approach

MANTLE feeds your skin using only the highest quality ingredients to deliver results driven, professional skincare elevated by cannabis. They are committed to your skin’s health using a cutting-edge approach to actives & botanicals. Their signature ingredient is a broad-spectrum CBD that enhances skin equilibrium and fights off free radicals. You can purchase MANTLE with confidence, knowing you are buying 100% no BS products — no harsh chemicals or fillers— but nourishing formulas infused with high levels of actives, antioxidants and vitamins that love your skin back. 

CBD in skincare

CBD is an active extract from the cannabis plant, also known as hemp plant. This incredibly potent non psychoactive extract has deeply calming and balancing properties and can be used in various ways, both internally and topically. 

MANTLE's CBD comes from hemp leaves that are sun-grown, hand-harvested, and cold-extracted in Switzerland to ensure CBD of the highest quality and potency. 

The exclusive super ingredient CBD is packed with powerful antioxidants and provides skin with multiple benefits such as fighting off free radicals, deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin and calms and soothes reactive and irritated skin. 


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