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Aug 09, 2023

Hanna Hansdotter - Rocky Baroque

We take great pride in introducing the limited edition Rocky Baroque candle holders, which exhibit a strong and personal expression. Designed by Hanna Hansdotter for Kosta Boda.

A rebellious take with ancient roots, the Rocky Baroque series is a playful remix of the classical column. Monumental contours meet raw, jagged surfaces. Pop colors mix with unyielding shapes. The collection resides in the borderlands between sculpture and functional object, a recurring theme in Hanna Hansdotter's design. Humor and irony are other tools used to interpret and challenge authoritarian principles. The result is its own genre – Rocky Baroque!



Hanna Hansdotter has emerged as one of the most interesting glass artists of our time, using glass as an artistic form of expression. She trained as a glassblower at Kosta Glass Center and then further at Konstfack in Stockholm, where she graduated in the spring of 2017. 


Since graduating from Konstfack, Hansdotter has made an instant international impact. Her work is often characterized as punk baroque inspired by architecture and ornamentation at the crossroads between art and design.


“Most of my work starts out from a negative form. I rarely let a finished object set the pace. I like the conditions that the full process creates and always remain open to new expressions and the opportunity triggered by unpredictability and chance.”

Kosta Boda has been manufacturing glass since 1742.


With a focus on modern lifestyle products and inspiring art, Kosta Boda creates glass that makes a difference. For almost 300 years they have been developing a deep understanding and love for the material. They work with objects that are bold and forward-thinking, yet accessible. It's just glass, but at the same time it's so much more.


The collection Rocky Baroque made from crystal glass is handcrafted in Sweden and comes in sets of colors; Emerald Green, Spicy Rose, Glossy Glaze, Lilac Haze, Amber Haze and Cryptonite.