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Jul 10, 2022

De La Espada - Furniture to last a lifetime

The objects in our lives should be useful and beautiful, well thought through, and designed to last. As our experiences become layered memories, the reassuring presence of our valued possessions reminds us of our life’s journey. Objects that connect with us originate from a place of connection: creators invested in the integrity of their craft, materials that appeal to the senses, consideration of the wider world. De La Espada is a brand that build for life; furniture that ages well, with enduring relevance. 

Nestled in the forest near the Silver Coast in Portugal lies the De La Espada factory, a facility that values the independence of master craftspeople and embraces both the traditions and innovations of woodworking.


There is no greater luxury than time and personal attention. It is the small moments that define the whole of our lives; likewise, a product is the culmination of its details. From design partners to craftspeople, there is a deep engagement with the furniture, and a mission to make it as beautiful and enduring as possible. No detail is too small for consideration, from the particulars of joinery to tactility, to decisions over how to apply each plank of wood to showcase the individuality of its colour and grain. De La Espada defines luxury as experience, taking the time to enjoy the process of creation, and passing this pleasure on to those who spend a lifetime with their furniture.

De La Espada is deeply connected to Portugal, home to their dedicated factory and many of the people who pour passion and skill into creating the products. The warmth and history found in Portuguese design and architecture are present in the work, combined with an international perspective brought by our homes in London and New York, and our collaborators in Stockholm, Venice, Shanghai, London, New York, and Istanbul. De La Espada works closely with the design partners, combining expertise and exchanging cultures, friendships, and ideas. De La Espada furniture is where the creativity of some of the world’s leading designers meets the highest level of European craftsmanship.

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