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Jun 12, 2023

Artilleriet Studio: Vasafemman

A New Chapter

Karin and Donald, along with their three teenagers, embraced a new beginning as they left their house behind and settled into a charming turn-of-the-century apartment in Göteborg's Vasastan. Driven by their shared passion for design and interior, they embarked on a transformative project, seamlessly blending the apartment's historical charm with their contemporary vision. The process became a delightful journey as they infused their unique style into every corner, creating a harmonious living space that beautifully represented this new chapter in their lives.

Karin and Donald, collaborated with Artilleriet Studio to create their new home. With their deep interest in design and interior, they brought their unique vision and ideas to the table. Together, we aimed to create rooms that exuded harmony and sparked creativity. 

As Karin, Donald, and their three teenagers settled into their new five-room apartment, our commitment was to meticulously craft a space that authentically reflected their style and aspirations. Our goal was to design a home that felt truly unique to them, a sanctuary that embraced their individuality and embodied their vision.




Follow Karin and Donald's project at Instagram @vasafemman.

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Photo: Viktor Krüger



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