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Nov 29, 2023

Artilleriet Art Collaboration Siri Carlén


Sculpting Stories


We are honored to present Artilleriet Art Collaboration with artist and illustrator Siri Carlén.

It all commenced with a project for a friend's restaurant, where the ambiance of the served food and drinks became the canvas for Siri's creative exploration. Over the years, this endeavor blossomed into a treasury of still lifes, eloquently capturing meticulously arranged meals and enticing beverages.

Beyond mere depictions, these motifs offer a romanticized retreat into the timeless tradition of portraying the beautiful and carefree moments in life. The trays, thoughtfully designed, become a harmonious extension of this artistic legacy, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic charm. 

"It felt instinctive to translate these motifs onto trays – an artistic touch perfect for laying out at welcome drinks, serving cheeses, or enhancing a simple TV dinner. Moreover, they double as a stylish decoration on the kitchen counter, introducing an additional layer of warmth and comfort to the home."



Siri Carlén


Born in 1986 and a graduate of Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts, and Design) in 2015, Carlén, based in Stockholm, Sweden, possesses a tactile and dynamic artistic style. Her work, spanning various mediums such as sculpture, painting, textiles, and illustration, consistently reflects the nuanced elements of human touch, materiality, and craftsmanship.

She shapes portraits, sculptures, and still lifes that convey exciting stories and atmospheric environments. Siri's artistic style is also characterized by playful and deliberately imprecise patterns created with pastel crayons, giving them a strong and unique identity. Carlén has risen as a distinguished figure in the art and illustration realm.

Her extensive portfolio includes commercial and artistic endeavors, from prints for the fashion and interior industries to book illustrations, murals, and a significant permanent sculpture park in the southern region of Gotland, Sweden's largest island.



Photo: Mira Wickman

Artilleriet Art Collaboration Siri Carlén