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Nov 29, 2023

Artilleriet Art Collaboration Evelina Kroon

Honoring traditional female craftsmanship


Introducing Artilleriet Art Collaboration featuring the extraordinary artist Evelina Kroon.

Exclusively crafted for Artilleriet, Evelina Kroon's "Nun" and "Selka" vividly bring to life her original works, characterized by repetitive patterns and unexpected color combinations. The distinctive compositions emerge through tape, paint, and varnish.

A graduate of Konstfack with a specialization in painting, color theory, and illustration, Evelina explores the intersection of art and its messages. Her unique tape technique creates a captivating balance between a rigorously graphic expression and an eclectic aesthetic, paying homage to traditional female craftsmanship.

She is currently showcasing her most significant work, a pattern installation on the tiles of the Soltorg stairs at Sergels torg in Stockholm. The work focuses on the conditions of the location, capturing and refining impressions. It revolves around repetition, movement, exchanges, meetings, and shifts.

Selka/ 셀카 means "Selfie" in Korean, and Nun/ 눈 means "Eyes"


Hello Evelina! Why collaborate with Artilleriet?

I genuinely like you; I like Gothenburg. Seriously! You are among the best in furniture and interior design, with a well-curated and exciting concept from the very beginning.

How do you think your art influences the experience of a room or environment?

I hope, want, and believe that it invites play! I've seen it myself, especially when my works are translated into rugs, blankets, and other practical items. I may go against specific color schemes, scales, and pattern conventions. It opens up more permissive movement and imagination regarding the function of an object or a space.

Can you share some plans or projects you have in the works?

I'm working on a book! It will be published by Natur & Kultur next fall if I finish it, which I will. Besides, I have a few more collaborations underway and look forward to a winter in the studio.

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