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Nov 01, 2022

A. Colori Kitchen

A Colori - Colour makes everyone feel good!

Our colorful evolution and sibling to Artilleriet X Tre Sekel Kitchen. It is built on the same principle of craftsmanship, quality and choice of materials, but here in color! A Colori draws inspiration from historical painted kitchens and blends in or stands out in modern and classic homes. The colors can be matched endlessly, and there are no limitations to what is possible.

The kitchens are built in solid wood which has been painted on the outside and left natural on the inside. Drawers are equipped with dovetail joints and interiors are draped with Tärnsjö leather, as one of many material options. We choose unique worktops for our kitchens, and the best appliances, faucets, and details to complement it. 

Every kitchen is locally produced by skilled craftsmen at Tre Sekel in Sweden. The project starts with measuring your room and going through your needs and conditions. After that, we will present a complete kitchen plan with prices, including appliances and taps, etc. Every kitchen is unique.

A Castle Island Table

The queen of the kitchen, the room's centerpiece. This is where it happens; where people gather, cook, and socialize. As much kitchen island as work table and with a shape taken from historic castle kitchens, A Castle Island Table creates a unique experience in the kitchen. In A Castle Island Table, we can build modern cooking functions such as induction cookers with built-in fans, ultimate for cooking and socialising simultaneously.

Kitchen Jewelry, A 219 g. Brass Knob

A Colori is decorated with a piece of jewelry in the form of a handle, the 219 g. Brass Knob. The knob is made of solid brass and designed for A Colori. It is produced by hand in Söderköping according to classic Swedish brass craftsmanship. The 219 g. Brass Knob is designed with intentional weight and feels like you’ll never want to let it go.


This is where the vision of your kitchen is created. We design kitchens for all types of homes. With our extensive range of furniture and details and our knowledge of interior design, our vision embraces the entire kitchen as a room. We create 360 degree concepts of lighting, furniture, kitchenware and details, resulting in complete schemes that boosts comfort and quality of life for our clients. 


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