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Wo-Tum-Bu 2 Floor Lamp

17 930 SEK


Wo-Tum-Bu Floor Lamp, from Ingo Maurer, is produced by hand in elaborate work processes. The raw material for the paper shade is produced in Japan. Irregular traces of bubbles and a resulting different appearance are part of the design concept. Wo-Tum-Bu is a unique lamp, like a lighting sculpture that brings something special to any room.

Paper, concrete, metal, stainless steel, plastic, glass-fiber shade
Height: 120 cm
Built-in 9W LED.
Ingo Maurer
Ingo Maurer started to design exceptional lamps, lighting systems, and objects in the middle of the 1960s. For over 40 years, in the Munich factory, Ingo Maurer with his team have been manufacturing products with both artistic expression and with functional elegance. Every object is made of love, master craftsmanship, and human hands. His design and objects have been presented in a series of exhibitions, one of his first designs, ”Bulb”, was included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in 1966.