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Hanna Hansdotter - Rocky Baroque Vase - Hot Pink

7 500 SEK6 750 SEK


Introducing the Rocky Baroque Vase, a creation by renowned glass artist Hanna Hansdotter for Kosta Boda. Handcrafted in Sweden.

Following the success of the candlesticks introduced in 2023, Rocky Baroque Vase is the newest addition to the collection which challenges authoritarian principles with a touch of humor and irony. Sculptural and vibrant, this vase takes a rebellious twist on ancient roots, offering a playful reinterpretation of the classical column. The Rocky Baroque series features monumental contours meeting raw, jagged surfaces, creating a captivating juxtaposition of form and texture. Pop colors blend with unyielding shapes, blurring the lines between sculpture and utility objects.

Available in four colorways: hot pink, cool pink, oxblood - and honey!

Hanna Hansdotter has emerged as one of the most interesting glass artists of our time, using glass as an artistic form of expression. She trained as a glassblower at Kosta Glass Center and then further at Konstfack in Stockholm, where she graduated in the spring of 2017.

Crystal Glass
Height: 35 cm
Width: 16,5 cm
Depth: 15,5 cm