Button Trousers Thin Waves White/Red

P.Le Moult
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Eugène Le Moult led a fabulous life of adventure and poetry. He was the world’s no1. butterfly-hunter at a time when butterfly collecting was de rigueur for gentlemen of class. His made-to-measure nightwear was kept in use in the family as his son and grandson had the same build: tall and athletic.
Today these pieces have been released by Eugène’s great grand-daughter P.Le Moult.

Graduate of both Central-Saints Martins and the Ècole des Beaux Arts de Paris, LVMH Arts Prize winner, P.Le Moult inherited Eugène’s clothes which led her to create several nightwear collections, all referring to different episodes in the life of Eugéne Le Moult, the great butterfly hunter.

Button Trousers Thin Waves White/Red
Button Trousers Thin Waves White/Red

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