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Apr 08, 2022

Artilleriet x Tre Sekel Kitchen Stärkelsefabriken

Where dreams come true! Where others see ruins, Gustav sees opportunities. Stärkelsefabriken has become a phenomenon that many have gotten to know through SVT's Husdrömmar but also through Gustav's personal Instagram account, where we get to follow him and his dog Boris in the project to renovate the old starch factory into a modern home with extra everything. It is fascinating to see how Gustav's visions become a reality and how vital each choice is to create a complete whole. The starch factory is a small universe in the middle of the country in Skåne, where the Helge river flows calmly past, and the surroundings make you think of the heyday of industrialism.

Gustav chose an Artilleriet X Tre Sekel Kitchen for Stärkelsefabriken. The kitchen is the heart of the house, and there was a clear vision of how the kitchen would look and function. You step straight into the kitchen from the entrance, which is part of the open floor plan on the ground floor.

The materials are honest and straightforward, smoked solid oak, limestone from Portugal, and stainless steel and form a whole with the rest of the house. The kitchen is built around the large central kitchen island. The stove is integrated into the kitchen island with built-in ventilation. The kitchen island is constructed entirely with Artilleriet X Tre Sekel Kitchens's characteristic drawers in two directions.

Behind the kitchen island is a more extended work area with various functions. There is also the incredible window that opens onto the open courtyard under-roof that serves as a pantry and preparation kitchen with an entrance to the wine cellar under the house. The shelves above the bench are specially built with storage, knobs, and integrated lighting.

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