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Feb 09, 2022

Artilleriet x Tre Sekel Kitchen Danish Oak

Artilleriet x Tre Sekel Kitchen Danish Oak. This small but effective kitchen in Danish Oak was recently installed in Hovås Sweden. The Kitchen design is inspired by and adapted to the architecture of the home with a unique mix of materials and finishes.

Artilleriet x Tre Sekel Kitchen is a tactile kitchen without handles, composed for extensive use every day. Nothing is hidden, it is simple, with all parts of the construction visible to the user. The kitchen is handmade and manufactured by skilled craftsmen locally in Sweden. All materials and finishes are carefully selected with the highest possible quality in mind to create a kitchen that ages with grace and lasts for generations.


How to buy:
Every kitchen project starts with measuring your room, and going through your needs and conditions. After that we will present a complete kitchen plan with prices including appliances and taps etc.

For enquiries visit store or contact