95 x 250 cm
95 x 250 cm
95 x 250 cm
95 x 250 cm
95 x 250 cm
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95 x 250 cm95 x 250 cm95 x 250 cm95 x 250 cm95 x 250 cm

Strips Sofa

55 450 SEK 47 133 SEK


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At the beginning of the seventies, Arch. Cini Boeri revolutionized the furniture market with her revolutionizing modular sofa, Strips. Strips now belong to the history of Arflex as one of their most famous products. In 1968, Strips was awarded the prize Compasso d’Oro and was displayed in museums around the world. The main characteristic of the sofa is its removable padded and quilted cover, placed on a wooden frame. The sofa is shaped with polyurethane in differentiated density, to guarantee the best comfort of the seat.

Category 2 - fabrics:

23% cotton, 49% viscose, 16% polyester, 12% linen
Martindale: 20.000

100% polyester
Martindale: 40.000

90% polyester, 8% cotton, 2% other fibres
Martindale: 30.000

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