Society Limonta

Society Limonta dresses up your home with passion and care, creating infinite combinations of materials and colours for the bedroom. Just like in the world of fashion, the collections are updated with the change in seasons, because the home is an extension of your personality and requires a versatile style that adapts to your ideal environment. Matching sets are a thing of the past and we prefer to dress the home in natural and refined fabrics. Luxury is about creating a product that transmits quality and emotions that appeal to the senses. For Society Limonta luxury is something unconventional, substantial, but always understated, informal and gentle.


Society Limonta gives a new interpretation to bed linens: no more classic and rigidly coordinated sets, but a new, free and creative point of view: the mix&match philosophy. Purchasing separate pieces, allows to dress your home’s environments giving a personal and intimate style.


Society Limonta brings the best out of all the materials, which it also manages to combine while creating soft, textured throws and bedspread.


The 50X50 cushion is a simple, but unmistakable touch. A small accessory that can make the difference in the décor of a house. It can change the style of a bedroom or a living room. Society Limonta explores all the textile opportunities for its cushions, playing, mixing & matching to dress the house with an original and personal style.