Beni Ourain – 407 x 199

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A Beni Ourain is a traditional and very durable Moroccan nomad rug. For more than a thousand years, women in the Berber tribes have handled some of the most beautiful carpets in the world, with wool collected from their own sheep, living in the Atlas Mountains.
Each carpet is unique and created by the women's own life experiences, where nature, love and faith are often present. Many Beni Ourain carpets have been woven as a protection against threats from outside, and are therefore provided with lucky charms and other
elements to bring luck, security and prosperity.

The fact that the wool is creamy white rather than pure white, and that the color of the carpet may vary in shade, is because its wool is completely natural and not chemically treated. In addition to providing a great feeling under your feet, it makes your Beni Ourain dirt repellent and durable in a way that chemically treated rugs are not. The carpets are tightly knotted and have a slightly stiffer pile that results when using hand spun yarn. Some carpets are made recently, others are over 50 years old.

Thanks to its exciting manufacturing process, each mat has small personalities to fall in love with, such as different long wool, lack of fringes or uneven edges. Unique details that give the rug its charm and make your Beni Ourain an investment for your home, and for life.


W: 407 cm L: 199 cm

Each rug is unique and this carpet is only available in one copy.

Beni Ourain – 407 x 199Beni Ourain – 407 x 199
Beni Ourain – 407 x 199Beni Ourain – 407 x 199