Scented Candle Porte des Lilas

Astier de Villatte
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Scented candle from French Astier de Villatte. Fracoise Caron has created unique fragrances that captures the essence of inspirational cities and places around the world.

The scented candles contain soy wax, beeswax, genuine perfume oils as well as two secret ingredients. Wick of cotton. The candles contain no paraffin or other petrochemical substances. The candle comes in a box with a unique illustration that represents the fragrance.

W: 9 cm D: 9 cm H 10 cm

Scented candles should burn for max 2 hours each time to not shut. The candle should cool down and set before it is lit again. The wick should be trimmed to approximate 1-2 cm before the candle is lit.

Burns for 60-70 hours.

Scented Candle Porte des Lilas
Scented Candle Porte des Lilas

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