Maya Placemat 40x50cm 65 Tisana
Maya Placemat 40x50cm 65 Tisana
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Maya Placemat 40x50cm 65 TisanaMaya Placemat 40x50cm 65 Tisana

Maya Placemat 40x50 col. 65 tisana

560 SEK


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Society Limonta’s passion for researching new fabrics and textiles now creates a canvas linen placemat with fringed borders. Maya placemat is a ductile table mat, very soft but with a strong tactile feel, perfect for an informal but elegant table at the dinner party. It can be set directly on the table, or overlaid on a tablecloth, in nuance or with contrasting colours. Maya place mat is a real must have. It’s a practical product, machine washable, versatile and elegant at the same time. Maya placemats are sold individually.

40x50 cm

100% linen

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