Tea Trolley 900 - Black Tiles
Tea Trolley 900 - Black Tiles
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Tea Trolley 900 - Black TilesTea Trolley 900 - Black Tiles

Tea Trolley 900 - Black Tiles

31 380 SEK


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The tea trolley was inspired by British tea culture, which Aino and Alvar Aalto had become acquainted with though their many travels, as well as by the Japanese woodwork and architecture they admired. The striking Tea Trolley 900, which features ceramic tiles and a rattan basket, was first launched internationally at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937, a traditionally functionalist piece of furniture embellished with pared down multicultural references. Versatile and full of character, Tea Trolley 900 is the perfect centrepiece for enjoying anything from breakfast to high tea or cocktails.

L: 90 cm, W: 65 cm, H: 60 cm.

Frame: Form-bent solid birch lamella
Wheels: MDF
Basket: Rattan
Top surface: Ceramic tiles