Khadi Sofa Cover Navy
Khadi Sofa Cover Navy
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Khadi Sofa Cover NavyKhadi Sofa Cover Navy

Khadi Sofa Cover Navy

2 760 SEK


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Upon a luxurious and soft material of handwoven cotton khadi, as light and airy as a gauze, classic and timeless motifs have been drawn. A delight to the touch, the softness of the fabric invites you to relax as you delight in the irregular weave of a fabric that is both thick and delicate, textured and comfortable. Spun and woven by hand, the KORMO and WILLOW collections capture cotton in its most simple and pure form: the material is only gently rinsed before being worked by the weavers. Unbleached and undyed, this is cotton in its most natural state—look closely and you may even find small traces of the cotton plant in the weave ... Authentic and unadorned, the same aesthetic is reflected in the printing technique used to create the motif. Using a traditional printing technique known as ‘block’ printing, the artisans first soak large wooden stamps in the dyes before applying them to the fabric. Great care is required to create a seamless and regular motif.

Cotton Khadi

85 x 185 cm


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