Aura Oil Burner - Snow White
Aura Oil Burner - Snow White
Aura Oil Burner - Snow White
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Aura Oil Burner - Snow WhiteAura Oil Burner - Snow WhiteAura Oil Burner - Snow White

Aura Oil Burner - Snow White

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Aura Oil Burner is a beautiful diffuser made of natural marble with a brass bowl. The snow white colored marble together with the brass bowl makes a beautiful combination and the Aura Oil Burner is not only an aesthetic object but it also creates an atmosphere with scented ambient aromatherapy oils.

Marble, burnished brass

Ø: 14 cm, H: 10 cm

How to use:
Place the tea light candle in the burner. Fill 1/3 of the bowl with water before adding 3-5 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Light the candle and then simply wait until the scent fills the room to your liking. Remember to refill the water before it evaporates completely while the candle is still lit. It is recommended to only use the oil burner maximum 3 times a day for about 30-40 minutes at a time. Let the burner cool down after use before cleaning the bowl with a soft damp cloth.

The surface is not treated, we therefore recommend protecting the product from acidic food and cleaning agents. Over time the marble and the metal bowl will get marks from the soot and heat, this can be removed gently with a damp cloth. Restore the original shine of the bowl with a suitable polishing agent, or keep the natural patina. 

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