Assemble No. 79 - 50 x 70
Assemble No. 79 - 50 x 70
Assemble No. 79 - 50 x 70
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Assemble No. 79 - 50 x 70Assemble No. 79 - 50 x 70Assemble No. 79 - 50 x 70

Assemble No. 79 - 50 x 70

Atelier CPH
780 SEK


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"The new Atelier Cph collection ‘Assemble’ is based on the concept of manipulating fabrics that are translated into minimal and abstract fabric collages. Since the first Atelier Cph collection we continued to experiment with textiles and different types of paper, this has influenced our design direction through the years. This piece is a realistic photo of an original artwork which is created by playing with different colour blocks to create a pattern inspired by De Stijl. Here the focus is reduced to the essentials of form and colour. The original piece is made from leftover and recycled fabrics, demonstrating an honest use of materials. Piecing together materials as a form of collage, the constructed geometric pattern reflects a simple modern expression."

50x70 cm

NOTE: This is a flat print.

This artwork is printed on 265g high quality Fine Art paper


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