System 1-2-3 Dining Chair Deluxe
System 1-2-3 Dining Chair Deluxe
System 1-2-3 Dining Chair Deluxe
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System 1-2-3 Dining Chair DeluxeSystem 1-2-3 Dining Chair DeluxeSystem 1-2-3 Dining Chair Deluxe

System 1-2-3 Dining Chair Deluxe

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Panton System 123 Dining Chair Deluxe designed by Verner Panton for Verpan. The Chair was originally designed in 1973 with a focus on functionality and design that would make it stand out in all environments. Panton explained it by saying "I wanted to design furniture that grows up out of the floor - to turn the furniture into something organic and never with four legs".

123 Dining Chair come in a variety of fabrics. The images shown here are only a selection of possible combinations. Each product is hand built individually according to your personal choices. For more information about this product or placement of order please contact us by, or call us directly at: +46 (0) 31-711 76 21.

Base: brushed aluminum

H: 86 cm; D: 60 cm
Seat height: 47 cm Seat width: 50 cm

Verner Panton
Over the course of his career, Verner Panton (1926-1998) introduced a series of modern lamps with personalities unlike any of his Scandinavian contemporaries.
With a remarkable faith in the unlimited possibilities of form, he worked successfully to create a new set of theories of how lighting should work and how it should influence it’s surrounding. Panton studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen before going on to work at Arne Jacobsen’s architectural practice.