Julep Sofa

80 670 SEK
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Julep Sofa, from Tacchini, is characterize by its soft generous rounded lines and enveloping shapes. Julep is influenced by the 1950s Avant-Garde movement, drawing upon its simplicity and grandeur, refined by a contemporary, romantic, feminine allure. Fully upholstered, the seats look ample and full, yet convey a sense of lightness, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts them off the floor. Designed for home decor, their inviting appeal encourages cozy comfort and relaxation, making the Julep seating options also ideally suited to contract venues.

Polyurethane foam, birch plywood

L: 240 cm, D: 126 cm, H: 75 cm, Seat height: 42 cm

Julep Sofa is available in various colors. For information, please contact us at info@artilleriet.se or call +46 (0) 31-711 76 21.

Julep SofaJulep SofaJulep SofaJulep Sofa
Julep SofaJulep SofaJulep SofaJulep Sofa