PP130 Circle Chair – Black Flag

PP Møbler
From: 71 500 SEK

The idea of making a chair based on the most simple and elegant shape of them all, the circle, remained a distant dream until Hans J. Wegner eventually completed the design at the age of 72. This bright sparkle, this tickling thought, matured over a lifetime and became one of his most visionary projects.

Consequently the Circle Chair turned out to be one of Wegner’s most characteristic designs and it still offers great comfort and flexibility. One of the many appealing features of the Circle Chair is the fact that despite the size and comfort it is light and transparent, very practical and easy to move around.

Available in:
Soaptreated ash
Soaptreated oak
Oiled oak
Oiled ash
Lacquered ash
Lacquered oak

H: 97 cm, W: 112 cm, Seat height: 42 cm, D: 94 cm

The picture shows soaptreated oak in the fabric Rami, with brass clips. PP130 comes with flag in nature or black and is available in several fabrics and materials. The clips connecting the flag comes in stainless steel, brass or black. For information, please contact us at info@artilleriet.se or call +46 (0) 31-711 76 21.

PP130 Circle Chair – Black FlagPP130 Circle Chair – Black Flag
PP130 Circle Chair – Black FlagPP130 Circle Chair – Black Flag


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