Nail Brush

Iris Hantverk
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The Nail brush by Iris Hantverk is made of oil treated oak and tampico fibre. Single-sided nail brush that is bothstylish and comfortable to hold in. Whitefibre is elastic and waterproof with a certain stiffness but without becoming all too hard which makes the material nice and handy for cleaning the hands and nails. Iris Hantverk products are made by visually impaired craftspeople.

Oiltreated oak, Tampico fibre

W: 3 cm L: 10 cm H: 4 cm

Iris Hantverk was founded already in 19th century when an organization for visually impaired started a brush binding factory in Stockholm. The idea was to encourage the otherwise isolated group to actively participate in society, as well as social activities. The idea remains the same to this day, and the products using exclusive material, are made entirely by hand.

Nail BrushNail BrushNail BrushNail Brush
Nail BrushNail BrushNail BrushNail Brush