BM2 Chair Smoked Oak
BM2 Chair Smoked Oak
BM2 Chair Smoked Oak
BM2 Chair Smoked Oak
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BM2 Chair Smoked OakBM2 Chair Smoked OakBM2 Chair Smoked OakBM2 Chair Smoked Oak

BM2 Chair Børge Mogensen Smoked Oak

13 300 SEK


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The BM2 chair is made of solid wood with a seat of hand-woven paper cordel, treated with soap and wax to make it stay resistant. Each part of the chair is handmade, and by exploring the chair, you will discover many unique details. The round chair leg is made of one single piece of wood, and the steam-bended back rest has a shape that follows the natural anatomy of the human spine. The small wooden wedge, assembling the armrest, is another beautiful detail, made after Danish craftsmanship traditions, which adds something very special to the chair. The chair is being produced at the carpentry Bernstorffsminde, which is one of the oldest carpentries in Denmark, dated back to 1837.

W: 63 cm, D: 46 cm, H: 46 cm

Smoked Oak