Z22 Blond - Silk Cashmere Dark Cover

Ay Illuminate
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Ay illuminate is based in the Netherlands with production spread out over several countries over the world. The designers of Ay illuminate are inspired by both nature and different cultures. This is reflected in their use of organic shapes and natural (waste) materials combined with local handicraft expertise. To gather inspiration, the design team works together with the local hand crafters. This allows them to get a deeper knowledge of the natural materials available, and the expertise of the handcraft. It is their way to discover the best solution in order to catch the unique beauty of different techniques.

Z22 Blond pendant. Made of bent bamboo with silk cashmere cotton. Studio Bulb included.

Ø: 48.5 cm, H: 72.5 CM

Bamboo with handwoven silk cashmere.

E-27 Max. 60 WATT

Z22 Blond - Silk Cashmere Dark Cover
Z22 Blond - Silk Cashmere Dark Cover