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Île w153 Table Lamp - Poppy Red

2 680 SEK


w153 île is a lamp Wästberg that is possible to clamp. Just as with folding chairs compared to normal ones, clamp lamps do not have the same status as table lamps. It seems unfair, as clamp lamps are very useful. Maybe it is linked to their unique use and the fact that when not clamped, they are unable to stand on their own without losing their balance or falling over.

The designer Inga Sempé was always impressed by the clever clamp lamps of her childhood, used in many French country houses, as you could get them really cheap in hardware stores. It was very simple: a clamp attaches to the socket of an incandescent bulb and a cone shade sliding on the bulb to direct the light.

So, to improve the status of clamp lamps, and to bring back happy and light typology, the aim for w153 île was to allow for more uses for a basic clamp lamp, making it a multi-purpose lamp. There is a base, allowing it to stand on a surface. The lamp can also be mounted on the wall. And, last but obviously not least, there is a clamp to clamp the lamp
wherever you need it.

H: 19 cm, W: 20 cm, Cable length: 200 cm
Integrated LED-included. 6W