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Landala Dining Table

From 18 030 SEK


Design Emma Olbers 2016:
"I believe there is a current trend for big tables. A piece of furniture not only for eating your dinner. This is my interpretation; a bit narrower, a transparent construction, nice proportions and easy to assemble and to take apart. I think a narrow table makes for better dinner conversations and it just looks better. Plain and simple."

The table has been whitewashed to remove the yellowing effect and then treated with oil or hard wax.

Solid pine or oak. Finish in hard wax, white soap, or black oiled
Available in three sizes: 160 cm, 215 cm, 270 cm
Star sawed wood with vertical annual rings.
Mounted and disassembled easily without tools.

This product is made to order according to your choice of materials, we only show a selection of possibilities. To get more information, please contact us at or call +46 (0) 31-711 76 21.