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Artilleriet Art Collaboration - Pastel Dazed

1 450 SEK


We are proud to present Artilleriet Art Collaboration with the talented artist and designer Sofia Lind. 

Sofia Lind's ”Longing” and ”Pastel Dazed” are exclusively made for Artilleriet and very much reflects the original paintings in oil pastel and gouache. In the printed edition, brush strokes and structures in the paper is left visible, which gives an authentic experience of the work. The motifs take up a large part of the image area and challenge the question of how much place the individual may take and how much space there is.

Sofia Lind is a designer and artist born in Gothenburg, raised in Lidköping and today operative in Stockholm. With several years of design studies at art collages in both Sweden and Paris, Sofia has developed a personal and artistic expression in her way of creating patterns where she lets the material control the expression and is perceivable throughout the entire process.

70 x 100 cm
Limited edition.
Frame is not included.