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Window Deco Collection

480 SEK


The cultivation collections contain everything you need to immediately get started with your cultivation - the seeds, the accessories and all the knowledge you need to get started and succeed.

Create a stunning indoor garden by decorating with the edible plants in the Window Deco Collection from New Botanic. Regardless of how and where you live, all you need is a window with lots of light - natural or with a grow light.

The collection contains five exclusive seed varieties that are easy to grow indoors and are aesthetically appealing. Let the cucumber with its large, beautiful leaves climb up and frame your window like a curtain. Hang tomato plants in ample pots and let the sweet little tomatoes dangle like strings of pearls. Plant purple basil with midnight black leaves in small pots in the kitchen window and grow black chilies and aubergine with its dark purple small fruits.

The box is perfect to store your seeds and growing accessories or to give as a gift to someone who is looking for more green enjoyment in life. These seeds are easy to grow and suitable for beginners.

Pot cucumber ’Pony H’
Pot tomato ’Gartenperle’
Purple Basil ’Amethyst Improved’
Chili pepper ’Chenzo’
Mini aubergine ’Patio Baby’
15 growing briquettes in coconut
Wooden markers
Step-by-step instructions on the journey from seed to harvest