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Chili Tasting Collection

440 SEK


The cultivation collections contain everything you need to immediately get started with your cultivation - the seeds, the accessories, and all the knowledge you need to get started and succeed.

Grow a tasting menu of chilis with the Chili Tasting Collection from New Botanic. A perfect chili collection carefully selected based on taste, appearance, and how well they are worth growing. Explore your taste buds with the citrus-tasting yellow, the midnight black, jalapeños for the taco dinner, padrons as tapas, and then one of the hottest varieties - if you dare.

The box is perfect to store your seeds and growing accessories or to give as a gift to someone who is looking for more green enjoyment in life. These seeds are easy to grow and suitable for beginners.

Ripe chili pepper ’Hot Lemon’
Chili pepper ’Chenzo’
Chili pepper ‘Jalapeno’
Chili pepper ’Padron’
Havana pepper ’Habanero Red’
15 growing briquettes in coconut
Wooden markers
Step-by-step instructions on the journey from seed to harvest